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We now have MERCH!
Get your T-shirts, hoodies, baseball caps and more here at our shop through Etab Apparel. 12% of proceeds from our items comes right back to JLB!

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Open Positions

SPAC Junior

Are you looking for an opportunity to represent the Junior League on public issues? You might consider applying for our SPAC Junior position. SPAC is the State Public Affairs Committee, and JLB enables our SPAC delegates to vote on all matters before the committee on what best represents our league. You will work closely with the SPAC Senior representative, and the Board of Directors. If you are interested in applying for this position, please contact Membership VP, Missy Bennett.


Committee Chairs

There are still several committees that need a chairperson. Being a committee chair isn’t anything to be intimidated by. The position comes with a lot of support from your board members, previous chairs, and your committee. It also serves as a great training opportunity. The following chair positions are available:

  • Fall Fundraiser

  • Spring Fundraiser

  • Marketing & Publicity

  • Training

We also have some committees that could use a few more members. 

  • In League

  • Membership Development/Provisionals

If you are interested in any of these positions, please contact Membership VP, Missy Bennett.  (

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Please click here to fill out our membership spotlight form! We'll be featuring members on our social media platforms and at our general meetings.

Help spread the word about how amazing JLB is! Please make sure you follow our social media accounts, and like/share/comment on our posts - the more engagement, the bigger audience we reach, which really helps when promoting our events.

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Give a shout out to a member who helped you or went out of her way for your committee.

Submissions should also be sent to your Placement Advisor or to Membership VP at (and let them know if you wish to remain anonymous).


The N&P committee will randomly select a few submissions to read during the general meeting, and all submissions, whether they are read at the GM or not will be sent to the person being recognized by their Placement Advisor.

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Members' Only Area

Are you a sustainer or active member with a question, comment, or information that needs to be updated?


Use the form below to submit the information to JLB & someone will be in contact with you soon.

Thanks for submitting!

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