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President's Corner

Melanie Schroedter
2023-2024 JLB President

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My name is Melanie Schroedter, and I am the President of Junior League of Bakersfield (JLB) for the

2023-2024 league year which runs from June 1, 2023 through May 31, 2024. Originally from Texas, I

moved to Bakersfield not only for my job but because there was a Junior League chapter here.

It has been a privilege getting to know so many parts of the Bakersfield community for the past four

years, and I was introduced to many (if not all) of those parts through JLB interactions. Whether it was

reading to kids at the Jamison Center or helping the kids create their own books during the Kern Literacy

Council collaboration event earlier this year, I have truly enjoyed giving back to this community.

I only knew coworkers upon moving out to California in March of 2019, but I KNEW that the Junior

League of Bakersfield would help me to meet more like minded women who are passionate about giving

back to the local community. I always hear Bakersfield described as the “smallest BIG town” because

everyone is connected to some degree. The connections of this town are amazing and sometimes

bizarre but they make for a strong community focused on making the lives of its residents better.

Since its initial founding as the Community League of Kern County in 1952, the Junior League of

Bakersfield has been developing programs and partnering with local organizations to improve our

community. From our history, our mission is clear: to advance women's leadership for meaningful

community impact through volunteer action, collaboration, and training. The history of the Junior

League of Bakersfield is truly inspiring, and I’m excited to continue to add to this history.

I am honored to be a member of Junior League of Bakersfield and thanks to everyone who helped get

me here. We have an incredible year ahead; one full of leadership development opportunities and

collaboration with community partners to continue enhancing literacy efforts in our community. AND

don’t forget about our FABULOUS fundraisers! I can truly thank League for this 10-year journey of self-

discovery and finding the strength and confidence in myself to take on this role.


Together, we will lead the way for change!


Melanie Schroedter

2023-2024 President

Junior League of Bakersfield

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